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Energy Storage Systems (ESS) protect your home against unplanned power failures. They are proving to be a must for residences both in urban and rural settings. An ESS fills the gap to overcome an unreliable power supply in your area and peak power demands of your residence. An ESS also goes a long way in addressing concerns arising owing to power quality issues as it acts as a buffer between a poor quality power grid and your valuable appliances. The HBL ESS also lowers your energy costs - as your stored energy could be re-sold to the grid during peak hours of demand.

With homes increasingly depending on UPS and Inverters to insulate them from a power outage, battery powered ESS’s have become the new normal. As solar energy becomes more affordable, homes will rely on ESS’s to store energy during day time for use in the night. Importantly, for remote locations including inaccessible areas where grid power availability itself is a challenge, ESS’s are the only option to leverage solar energy for night time use.

ESS’s are the backbone as consumers look at the transition to an alternative source of energy such as solar or wind. A new challenge is faced - of integrating the solar or wind power generated to the grid or to use it for your own consumption at different points of time. ESS’s are the only practical way to address the challenge of storing excess energy when demand is low and reinject it when needed.

ESS’s offer a long-term reliable energy solution - optimizing cost and ushering in savings for the consumer. It enhances power reliability and resilience - integrating diverse energy resources seamlessly.

* HBL also offers customized solution as per the customer requirements.