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Data & IT

Data centers are a critical, hidden part of the infrastructure for digitalized society. High-speed wireless networks, digitalization, new data-intensive technologies have led to the growth of data centers in organizations of all capacities right from a limited enterprise computing central to the major dedicated electricity-intensive mega-centres. With the growing demand for OTT platforms, big data, and mobile applications along with the ever-increasing internet traffic has led to the creation of more and bigger data centers.

Data center applications require highly reliable power sources. For many years generators and UPS systems have been synonymous with data centers. Data centers need to be equipped with ESS to make sure the servers and computing equipment are never susceptible to power quality issues and power line disturbances. Energy storage in data centers supplements the overall data center availability by providing a stored source of energy in the event of power disturbance or interruption to the normal grid sources. It tackles the challenge of a quick switchover to an alternate power source when a power failure occurs and provides a stable delivery of power to the load until the failure is resolved. Additionally, technological advancements such as the introduction of green data centers or sustainable data centers will focus on establishing server facilities that utilize energy-efficient technologies. As a result, green data centers will focus on reclaiming unused power and distribute it elsewhere in the facility.

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