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Reliable energy ensures reliable transportation. Whether you consider trains and metros using electric energy or the growing need for recharging electric vehicles availability of energy is paramount.

Rail operators need large scale energy systems to power their vehicles – MW scale energy systems can ensure the continuity of supply and also provide peak demand support. This can lower tariff and infrastructure costs.

The ESS can support emergency operations in a power failure in a signaling centre, in a metro or in a large station or any other large critical facility of the railway.

The versatility of ESS could be harnessed to meet demanding applications in critical areas including airport operations, railway signaling and traffic management.

As electric vehicles capture imagination of our populations, EV charging with energy storage systems could achieve the twin objective of managing peak loads when high rates of charging happens and also ensuring charging infrastructure at remote locations. A real-time responsive grid coupled with an ESS could aid fast EV charging during peak demand periods. This is achieved as the local ESS can supply higher charge rates than the local grid may be able to tolerate - Essentially creating the “electric gas station”.

* HBL also offers customized solution as per the customer requirements.