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A silent revolution is sweeping the telecom industry and the future looks even more opportunistic and at the same time challenging. With the convergence of voice, data & entertainment, telecom infrastructure & associated networks need uninterrupted power at all times.

The telecom industry is a major consumer of power and it requires continuous, quality power. The ongoing challenge for telecom operators is to meet their energy demand in a cost effective manner and at the same time ensure they are insulated from power unreliability, outage and indifferent quality.

Stored power is the best alternative to ensure backup and sustain the network on a 24/7 basis in case of outages or fluctuations or even natural calamities.

Operators and subscribers have little tolerance for power outages that interrupt service, which is the major reason for the increased demand for ESS at telecom infrastructure sites. Given the wide spread network covering every nook and corner, distributed generation is inevitable for telecom operators. For a distributed power availability, especially in the case of renewable energy, ESS is a natural choice.

* HBL also offers customized solution as per the customer requirements.